FUBO - Silicone Wristband in black

FUBO - Silicone Wristband in black

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Make your subtle FUBO statement with the black silicone wristband engraved with the word FUBO tone-on-tone.

Black arm bands are often used to show protest, and silicone wristbands are often used to raise awareness, or as a reminder to the wearer. Now you can use this FUBO black wristband a constant reminder of your protest against what the BO administration is trying to do. We don't want government run health care, we don't want government run car companies, and we don't want to be taxed to death in an attempt to "spread the wealth".

Black Silicone Bracelets with a 1/2 inch tone-on-tone FUBO in one location for a subtle display of FUBO pride. Silicone is a semi-inorganic polymer that is heat stable, flexible and water resistant.

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