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Written March 24, 2010 

For the last two days, I’ve worn the same shirt. Tomorrow I will wear one like it.

It’s yellow, with a rustic drawing of a rattlesnake, and a line of text below: DONT TREAD ON ME.

It’s the Gadsden flag, arguably the first American flag. It was painted on the drums of the first companies of Marines mustered in 1775. It is still echoed in American heraldry today by the rattlesnake on the badge of Army drill sergeants.

I’m wearing it because it’s time to send a message. Just like the American flags most of us wore in the months after September 11, it’s time to take a stand, to send a visual message to all who see us that we’re not going along.

Obamacare is wrong. It is unconstitutional. It is a symbol of the tyranny of our age, of the unquenchable thirst for power held by those who use their office to slap the American will across the face.

He’s the president, but he’s not my president. And if the only people I can reach are the people who see my clothes, then I’m going to reach them.

My defiance may be small, but it exists. And if there is me, then there might be 100 or 100 million who feel the same. And I refuse to go quietly. I refuse to smile and gush like the morons on the evening news. I refuse to remain silent in the face of the president’s insipid and dishonest signings and statements.

Joe Biden was right yesterday when he whispered to Barack Obama. This is a big effing deal. But the nature of this big effing deal has not yet begun to dawn on those two or on the millions of hogs who rely on them to fill the trough.

Because this is the beginning of their end.

In great victory they have been assured defeat. Not just political defeat, but philosophical defeat, a genocide of choice wherein the false teachings of their Marxist, anti-American dogma will be spit out of the collective mouth and trampled into the ground.

They don’t know what they’ve started.

They have trod upon the snake, and they are going to feel the fang.

Because we are not beaten, we are enraged. Our motto is: Bring it on, and bring it down.

While they sing the song of hating the productive and promising entitlements, we are going to raise the anthem of liberty and American traditionalism. We are going to be galvanized and electrified. We are going to redouble our efforts not just to politically organize, but to practically evangelize.

We are going to be missionaries for the gospel of freedom.

And we stand firm in the belief of Abraham Lincoln that right makes might. It is not political tricks, it is not bribes, it is not the complicity of the so-called “news” media – it is right. If you do the right thing, if you believe in the right thing, if you stand for the right cause, if you have the right motives, you win. Not because of you, but because of what you represent. And there is no greater honor or greater duty facing an American today than valiantly representing the Republic whose institutions and traditions have lately become so imperiled.

We must balance the books, we must rein in the government, we must liberate the people, we must defend the nation, we must assert our interests. We must be Americans 24 hours a day.

And for me, that includes the clothes on my back.

That’s why I’ve worn the Gadsden shirt.

With the little FUBO emblem just below the neckline in the back.

This isn’t an ad. Because I don’t care where you get what you wear. I just hope that to the extent you can, you will send a message wherever you go. It might be an NRA hat, or an American flag pin, or a sticker on your car. It might be a t-shirt or a jacket or a quote at the end of your e-mails. I don’t care what it is, I just care that you – where you can and how you can – take a stand.

At www.fubowear.com there are a variety of FUBO, patriotic, pro-Second Amendment and other materials. We’ve also just designed a new Gadsden bumper sticker and other shirts and accoutrements.

And, no, we’re not apologizing for the FU in FUBO. We’ve got a whole line of NOBO products for folks who are bothered by the implied language, but beyond that we’re not sorry for our sentiment or for our vocabulary.

Because this is a big deal.

And when I can open my mouth, I will. And when I can’t, my shirt will speak for me.

Don’t tread on me.

That is a warning the Obama Democrats chose not to heed.

And now they will feel the fang.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2010