What does FUBO mean?

We are frequently asked this question, and it's actually a 2-part question, see the answers below.

What is the meaning behind FUBO?

The answer to the first question is simple. FUBO means that we are not happy with president Barack Obama, we don’t want his big-government Socialism, and his apologetic anti-American sentiment. We want to send him a message that we aren’t going to stand for any of his Communists revolutionary friends, and their attempt to hijack the American Dream, and hand over our national sovereignty to the court of world opinion.

FUBO is a message of defiance towards those in charge who are leading this great nation in the wrong direction. We are Americans, and we love this country and her rich history, and we honor those who have fought to preserve her. Which is why we view Obama as a huge threat to the American culture, economy, and system of laws, all the way up to the constitution. Its freedom of speech at it’s best when we shout out “FUBO”, plaster it on our cars, and wear it on our chests!

What do the letters in FUBO spell out?

The answer to the second question is a bit more open-ended. Neither Bob Lonsberry, nor anyone at FUBOwear has ever gone on record with what the actual letters in FUBO stand for. That is because it can be up to you what those letters arrange to say. The meaning as stated above doesn’t change, but the actual words can. If the notion of saying bad words bothers you, or if you are trying to explain what those letters spell-out to your kids, FUBO can mean something like this; “Fed Up By Obama”, or “Forget U Barack Obama”.

For the rest of us who are too angry for such polite rhetoric and for those of us from NY who tend to speak "french" a bit more, I think you can figure out what the FU in FUBO stands for. Either way, the meaning is the same, we don’t want what Obama is selling, and we proudly display that on our t-shirts and bumper stickers.

Don’t forget, if you still can’t get yourself to buy FUBO because of the implied meaning, check out this NOBO sticker NOBOwear (NO Barack Obama) just for you!

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